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Part of the Community

We operate out of St Michael's Pastoral Centre and enjoy a great relationship with both the church on site and St Michael's CofE Primary school situated next door. Alongside the Christian celebrations of Christmas and Easter, we also make sure to celebrate and discuss festivals and cultures which are relevant to the children in our care. This has included religious festivals such as Eid and Diwali, as well as national cultural events like Pride in the summer. In this way we demonstrate our commitment to welcoming families of all backgrounds and beliefs, including those from the LGBT community.

We Play, We Learn

At Little Sandhurst Nursery Group, we believe children flourish in a fun an engaging enviroment, where curiosity and self expression are key to a bright future.

We have several varied session plans for a range of age groups, and invite you to explore our website to see more of what we do.


Pack Away Room

Our pack away status allows us to choose a range of different activities for children and to easily change the nursery layout when we feel it is time to shake things up. The large room we meet in allows children to socialise and mingle different kinds of play.


With access to the Pastoral Centre kitchen and maintainance of our own food standards, we are able to daily snacks and meals to children. This is often an opportunity to involve children in decision making and preparing their own food.

Outdoor Play

With the generous blessing of the Pastoral Centre, we have built up a custom outdoor play area for children to explore. This includes a climbing wall, swing set, and large chalk boards, as well as soft rubber flooring.

Local Walks

With Ambarrow Woods just a short toddle away, the whole nursery is able to take trips out for outdoor fun and fresh air. Learning in the woods is a whole new setting for children to explore their envirnment and their own abilities.

Baby Room

With the addition of our baby room in 2018, we now accept children as young as 6 months. With several buggies available, the babies and toddlers in our care often get the enrichment of outdoor time, and are able to visit the main room before moving up.

Mushroom Club

Children as old as 7 can benefit from our care after school. To save the chaos of pick up time in a busy world where family schedules don't always match up, Mushroom Club adds a little extra time to the day. See our sessions page for details.

Watch This Space

We can't wait to tell you more about our nursery! We are currently updating our website and ask you to bear with us whilst we get everything up and running. Still to come are staff intorductions, more information about sessions, and hopefully some lovely pictures of our setting. Until we get it all online, please direct any queries to our Contact Us page. Thanks for being patient with us.

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