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For over 40 years, Little Sandhurst Nursery Group has provided quality care and eduction to the early years agegroup starting at 2 years old. In 2018 we expanded to include a baby room and began accepting babies at 6 months old. We also explanded to include an after school club called Mushroom Club for children up to age 7, furthering our support of families and the community.

With the range of services we provide, the aim to meet the needs of individual families, and many of our sessions have been deliberately structured to be flexible towards morening routines. Please see below for further details, or use our Contact Us page if you have a complex query.

Our Day


9am- 12pm



Breakfast Hour, a helpful addition to the day. We can provide a simple breakfast to registered children, including those in Mushroom Club. There are no activities, but a social eating enviroment for children and a calm alternative to the morning rush.

The morning session includes both our main room and our baby room. The main session includes a healthy snack for all. During this time, there may be structured learning, but also the opportunity for children to develop their own curiosity and make decisions.

The afternoon session includes lunch. Children arrive with their packed lunches ready to sit down together with staff and enjoy a sit down meal. Afternoons often include opportunities for walks and outdoor play.

Mushroom Club is our after school club. This can include children who have been in nursery as well as older children up to the end of key stage one. A light snack is offered to children attending, and the focus of the club is on fun and socialisation rather than education.

Whilst lunch is officially part of the afternoon session, children can attend at the end of the morning session for an additional fee. More information on meals and snacks can be found in the Welcome Pack after joining the nursery.

Watch This Space

As we continue to update our new website, more information on specific sessions and our day to day activities will appear here, showing you the full range of weekly and termly session types. Please bear with us while we gather everything we need to show our nursery at its best!

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